Packaging Image


Finally, the inside of the packaging is revealed. Gradient colors play a role in reminding us of a cross-section of a planet showing different layers of its crust, but in a less naive and more linear fashion. The lighting is a mix between the establishing shot that brings up the hemispherical recess and the first reveal.

Note: All lights have softbox gradients that are designed to either simulate a physical softbox or to help the light blend better into the curvature of the object making it look less harsh. In most images I have excluded DOF effects or lens imperfections. This helps better understand lighting and materials without creating extra photo-realism through means of obstruction. DOF is only used where necessary — where the surface is unimportant but the depth cue is required. Every scene has an a L shaped white surface that is lit with it’s own light to control how much of a bounce light / reflection is given back to the headphones.