Packaging Image


This is the establishing shot of the packaging. In this shot, I wanted to highlight the spherical nature of the object but, most importantly, the contrast between the letter’s chrome and the polyurethane covered clay. One of the visual differences is the contrasted of the edge of the specular reflection. This result is achieved with the front light with a circular gradient. Two side-lights define the shape further with a unidirectional gradient and one hard edge. It works great for the sides and a small hemispherical recess. There are two broader lights which contribute mostly to the diffuse component of the sphere and bring up all the underlying details.

Note: All lights have softbox gradients that are designed to either simulate a physical softbox or to help the light blend better into the curvature of the object making it look less harsh. In most images I have excluded DOF effects or lens imperfections. This helps better understand lighting and materials without creating extra photo-realism through means of obstruction. DOF is only used where necessary — where the surface is unimportant but the depth cue is required. Every scene has an a L shaped white surface that is lit with it’s own light to control how much of a bounce light / reflection is given back to the headphones.