Color Vinyl

with embossed texture


This is a vinyl material with low glossiness, without the top coat, and with a distinct geometric embossed pattern. I’ve used a cross-hatched pattern to achieve the embossing. The fingerprint bitmap has been adjusted by the Map Mix to fit texture’s histogram into a much narrower range. This particular texture drives the glossiness of the material to show slight imperfection that may result from the production process. Perhaps the embossing press is a cylindrical roll with some fluid that helps not to tear this thin vinyl due to friction. This fluid is then wiped by another machine leaving just enough to cause the difference in glossiness. The UV tiling on the texture is stretched vertically to show this difference.

Color of the vinyl is a simple gradient with disabled interpolation between the colors. It allows to create specific color pattern procedurally without worrying about the resolution.

The significance of this pattern is to remind us of the pictures of the geological layers of a planet in cross-section that we saw at school. Instead of making a circular gradient, I chose a more linear shape that still has different symmetry and familiar gradient colors without being too naive.