Headphones Image 06


This is probably my favorite angle. Two reflections on each side shine through the mesh in the headband. This instantly adds depth, relationship between the headband and the reflective cover, and provides understanding of the cover’s curvature. The front light improves this further by giving more hints into the cushion shape and the area where cushion attaches to the cover through the chrome plated molding.

Note: All lights have softbox gradients that are designed to either simulate a physical softbox or to help the light blend better into the curvature of the object making it look less harsh. In most images I have excluded DOF effects or lens imperfections. This helps better understand lighting and materials without creating extra photo-realism through means of obstruction. DOF is only used where necessary — where the surface is unimportant but the depth cue is required. Every scene has an a L shaped white surface that is lit with it’s own light to control how much of a bounce light / reflection is given back to the headphones.